Flash Course, For Photographers

Mastering Flash at Wedding Receptions


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Coming spring 2021…

I’ll be launching my first online course teaching you all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about flash!

There will even be a gear list for each of the 4 major camera brands (nikon, canon, sony + fuji) so if you have no clue where to start, I’ll walk with you from the beginning!

Next we will have a tech breakdown, what things mean and when to use them!

THE BEST PART- videos of me walking into a venue & analyzing the light situation, setting up my lights, and shooting details, speeches/toasts, first dance & group portraits!

You’ll get to see me do this for 2 VERY DIFFERENT venues! One is a loft ballroom style venue with 4 different ambient light sources, and one is a tent at night, when it’s pitch black!

There will be some bonus modules including troubleshooting some common issues, shooting flash with film and more!

If there is something you want to learn or are struggling with at receptions, e-mail me & I’ll make sure to add it to our course content!

Share this course with your photographer friends!!!

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