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How To Take Better Ring Photos

Photographers! Are you wondering how you can make your ring photos pop? Struggling to focus on that gorgeous diamond? Never quite getting them to sparkle?

The secret to better ring photos is pretty simple:

  1. Focus on the prongs

  2. Use a piece of paper, an envelope etc as a reflector to bounce some clean light from the side

  3. Use a higher aperture – I like to shoot between f/4 and 8

  4. Keep the rings on the same focal plane to get a group shot

With these photos below, the only difference is one of them I used the back of a wedding invite and placed it just out of frame next to the ring! It makes such a big difference to bounce some light back in!

The best part of this is you don’t need a macro lens to do it! I use the Hoya Close Up Filters and stack either the +4 and the +2 or 2 of the +4’s and shoot all my details with those!
Now, I do have a macro lens. I bought it eons ago for ring shots, and then like 5 years ago quit dragging it along and found these filters to be easier and smaller. So, be smarter than me, save your money, buy the close up filters instead of a macro lens! I use them on my contax & they fit some of my digital lenses too if I need!

And…If you need some ideas on what to photograph the rings on, a few of my favourite things include:
the veil, the wedding dress, the vows, the vow books, the invitation, any paintings or drawings from the invite, mirrors, ring boxes, and styling surfaces!

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