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The Justine Milton Empire

I added the associates in 2020 to expand my company and serve an audience that I was leaving behind. I only take on a limited number of weddings each year, my personal pricing starts at $7000 for full day coverage, while the associates start at $3200 for full day coverage! By adding on a team of talented photographers + videographers I can make sure more couples have the same great Justine Milton experience, access to my welcome guide (which is 12 years of tips, tricks, planning advice and strategies I have learnt along the way!), all of the editing experience to get those gorgeous film-like true to life tones in your final images, and ultimately love their photography experience and love their timeless images for a lifetime.

The associates all have 4+ years of experience. Each one is unique but so incredibly talented and I trust each of them to represent my brand + company, to add to your day with amazing images, smiles and to put you at ease with simple directions and gentle posing to create timeless imagery.

The Associate Team is a group photographers handpicked for their talent, composition and personality. I have personally trained each of the associates to know how I would document and capture each event on a wedding day.

The Team


I will handle all of the editing of the images, so you get my refined eye, attention to color detail and experience of film coloring to match up the digital colors of the images so they look timeless and film-like, just like my own images!

You will receive a little “sneak peek” of a handful of photos within 1 week of the wedding date so that you have something to post and share! Your final gallery will be ready in less than 10 weeks from your wedding date!

the final product

Justine (me again) handles all of the bookings! I’ll be the one e-mailing you, on the other end of face-time to figure out a timeline and answer questions, and send off a contract. I will select which associate is the best fit for your wedding based on availability, venue, personality etc. That way each team member is set up to shoot with their strengths at each wedding. Around 60 days prior to your wedding we will set up a call with you and you associate so you guys can chat and get to know each other a bit more!

I will be here to help you along your planing process, if you are not working with a planner and need some extra input, the welcome guide features everything you could need to know about each part of the day and how to plan it out to be the most enjoyable day! I will be available via e-mail to help you with any questions and additional planning you need.

How it works

Starting at $3200



for happy, fun couples in love with timeless images

Starting at $2000


Starting at $500


Yes, I personally edit all of the images the associates take. You have my keen eye for color tweaking everything so it has my signature film inspired pastel/ true-to-life but prettier coloring on all your images.

Will the coloring still look like yours?

Yes! We will set up a face-time call between you and the team member assigned to your wedding about 60 days prior to! While we have done many weddings with out meeting, we have found both couples and the team members like to get to know each other a bit first!

do I get to meet the person that will be shooting my wedding?

We always require a family photo list and we will walk you through that process. For inspo photos you can absolutely send us some that you love but please make sure you tell us what is it you like about it (location, pose, lighting etc) If you have a list to send us please do so in one e-mail or document so it can all be kept together with your files.

can i send you a list of photos or inspo?

I have over 12 years of experience photographing weddings, each member of the a team has 4+ years experience. Therefore there is a significant difference and I think that should be reflected in the pricing. I have trained each team member on posing, lighting and everything I would do but there is a difference between my talent and theirs and that is also reflected in price.

why is there a price difference between you and the a team?

The A Team has travel fees for anything outside of Calgary city limits. We charge the government standard rate for mileage and any additional travel expenses required to cover out costs depending on the distance and timeline of the wedding.

are there travel fees for my wedding?

I know each of my associates and what their strengths and weaknesses are. I select an associate for you based on whose strengths will align best with your day and the unique challenges it may present. That way you are always getting the best.

Can i choose which associate will photograph my wedding?

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