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Styling Kit Tour!

This is my go-to for any weddings, styled shoots or anything I need to flay-lay!

Over the years I’ve put this together and upgraded it to get it to where it is!

I used to use a file box to carry it all in but it would break at least once a year and I would have to replace it and spend half the year carrying it around like a baby when the handle broke off. The BEST upgrade was buying this tiered make up case. It was a serious GAME CHANGER! I can even keep things organized and separated! Before it was just a big mess dumped into a box! This thing is worth its weight in gold! Now I had to hunt high and low to find a styling kit that was big enough, most make up cases I found were either the size of a carry on, or they were way too small to fit some of the items I needed. This one fits everything perfectly & is not excessively large.
-keeps your items organized
-sturdy and easy to cary
-super convenient shape for stacking or traveling with
-ITS BIG! It’s big enough I can fit all of my 5×7” styling blocks in it!


Take a peek inside my styling kit!

While I have accumulated my items over the course of my career from all over the place, below are a few beautiful & affordable things to get you started! Basically this is a quick guide to a beginner styling kit so you’ll have everything you need to start upping your flat-lay game at weddings!

Styling Mats – these are the ones I use! This girl is so talented and custom makes them as well! She does launches when she has some made, but I contacted her for a custom order for mine. I have 4 of them. A white, a grey, a blue and a pinky-yellowy mixed one.

If you are wanting a budget option for styling mats to start with there are some on etsy! This is the one I would start with! A pretty neutral very versatile!

vintage postage stamps
velvet ring box
acrylic styling blocks
Styling scissors

If you want to get fancy, a few things I have that are not so basic, but I also don’t use as regularly
Wax seals
Ring dish
Fabrics & Ribons

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links – this means I might earn a small percentage if you purchase through the link. I’m only sharing things that are helpful to you and that I truly believe are useful!

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