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Verona Italy

Scans by: PhotoVision Prints

While in Europe we spent a day in Verona, Italy. We were driving from Germany to Como, and we had a few stops along the way. One of them was in Verona. It was kind of a half way point and a convenient place to stop, but also there was some cool things to see there! And the best part was we parked right next to a place with fabulously inexpensive gelato! Sadly Alan couldn’t keep up with my pro level ice cream eating abilities and quit after 2 rounds, I kept going for at least five. Anyways, the streets, the river the buildings, the squares, everything was just super cute! The shopping was pretty good too! It was ridiculously busy and touristy, but hey, some places are going to be that way! We did stop by and see the Romeo and Juliette Balcony & little square thing, it was cute but nothing spectacular. we did buy a lock and put it with the others, cheesy I know, but when in Rome! We really just strolled around and had lunch and enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine! It had been rainy literally everywhere else we had been so the sun was a nice break from that! We walked along the river for quite a while and strolled in and out of some cute shops!

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