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Teresa Milton Hand Made Pottery

Scans by: PhotoVision Prints | Pottery by: Teresa Milton

Teresa is not only my mother, but a wonderfully creative person. My whole life growing up she always created things, when I was five she had her own business selling christmas ornaments of Gold, Frankincense and Muir. Now she creates and sells pottery! A little bit about my mom (from her website)

I am a potter and I love to work with clay.   My passion is the art of making functional pottery with a modern flare.   My hope is that this will help inspire the younger generation to appreciate the beauty and joy of unique hand made products.
I started learning pottery in 1998 in St. Albert, AB. Then in 1999 we moved to the middle east where I was fortunate enough to have complete autonomy in a studio in Dubai, this is where I was able to take my learnt skills and develop my own style.
Living overseas and traveling extensively has been a huge influence on how I create pieces, as I find, it is always interesting to see how people around the world use kitchen ware, as well as, what they deem important for form and function.
Upon returning to Canada, I had the pleasure of joining the St. Albert Potters’ Guild, as well as, having my own private studio in my home. Being part of the guild has given me the opportunity to gas fire my pottery, which I love, it helps create the deep rich colours and the natural look of how the glaze flows onto the completed pots.

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    I’m inquiring about your pottery

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