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Best Montessori Toys For Under 1 Year Old



While Montessori is more for older toddlers, the general principle of teaching them useful skills can be applied when choosing toys for them!

I do have this post, and one other that is the Toys That Keep Your Baby Entertained, this was great when both my husband and I had to work from home and keep the baby busy! They might not be “as pretty” and yes, some light up and make sounds, but at 6 months old he was crawling but not capable of complex actions, so learning to push a button and something happens was pretty good!

The best Montessori inspired toys for under 12 months old babies!

  1. Swing – (pictured above) THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING WE OWN FOR OUR CHILD is this indoor swing! I meant it. As soon as he was too big for the Mama Roo swing, we were using this, he still uses it now and it is amazing! Its’’ a baby container that he doesn’t feel jailed up. Have to pee, have to load or unload the car, quickly do something in the kitchen? Swing=baby holder!
    BUT it’s also so fun to play with him in it. He loves the anticipation if you hold the swing and then let it go once, and hold it again. Or kiss him every time it swings to you. So many giggles in this thing!

  2. Baby Gym – (pictured below) This was great until our son was about 5 months old. From newborn until then this was used a TON, we had extra sets of toys that we would change up, different textures etc. It was exciting watching him interact with them all. We just had a basic wood one, but I have heard great things about the Lovevery ones, personally I don’t think its worth the price.


3. Stacking Cups – These are great for everything, the bath, the beach, the snow, in the house. He has played with these since he was about 6m and still does at over 1 year.

4. Xylophone Ball Drop – This toy is great it comes with a hammer, its a musical toy and its a ball drop, teaches them so many things! Our son LOVED the hammers that came with toys from a young age and still does! He just carries the hammers around and hits everything. But the ball drop was a big hit from like 6m on.

5. Rattle O-Ball – This was one of the first toys he could grab or hold. It was great, and now we have it clipped to his car seat and he still shakes it and plays with it on long drives!

6. Wood Ring Stacker – Literally the most beautiful toy we own. This would entertain him for quite a while from about 9m up. He is 14m now and still plays with it.

I know people love books, we read to my son but he didn’t like them until about 11 months old. Now he can’t get enough of them! Texture books and flap books are his favourite so far!


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