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Fussy or gassy baby? Try these!


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As a new mom I knew… nothing really!

In January of 2020 when my son was born there was also a Gripe Water shortage from a recent recall so we found a few alternatives that helped with a fussy and gassy baby. Most of these things you can get locally at your supermarket, but if you have a day to spare you can order them on amazon too! And some of these help with teething too!!

We still use Gripe water now, he is 13 months old and it makes a world of difference!

  1. Gripe Water – used for everything from gas to teething. Helped the baby poop easier, helped him sleep better, literally this is a fix-all for babies! The “Original” one has alcohol in it, we didn’t like that so we always used the alcohol free one.

  2. Ovol – this was all we could find at the beginning and it worked well, not as well as Gripe water but it did help & if you can’t find the other this is great!

  3. Bio Gaia Drops – its a probiotic and it worked really well for us. Our little guy struggled to poop for a bit and this helped him so much!

  4. Camilia Drops – helps with teething, a serious miracle worker for teething babes and the individual serving capsules are so EASY! They should sell this in larger quantities! It was cheaper on amazon than our local grocery store!

Aside from those doing bicycle kicks with his legs helped him and still does!

Good luck – you got this mama!!


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