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I make these Marbella Dishes by hand. I am a photographer with a background in industrial design, and between all the little (and not so little) art projects I take on, traveling to far off destinations, and even just plain old housework, I found that my engagement ring spent almost as much time off my hand as it did on! 

Each time I took my ring off and put it “somewhere safe” or “somewhere I’ll remember” I felt like it was a huge disservice to something so meaningful to me – after all, I was taking it off to protect it, not to hide it away. I wanted somewhere to put my ring (and eventually my other jewelry and trinkets) that wouldn’t feel like I was just shoving it away in a drawer. I wanted something that could sit out on a table and not only show my appreciation for my treasures, but also add to the overall appearance of my home – so I made my first Marbella Dishes!

I made one for my office desk, one for my coffee table at home, one for my bedroom, and even one that I keep on my kitchen counter. Any time someone would come over and see these little dishes they’d ask where they could get one, and I even started using them in my photography to showcase other brides’ jewelry on their wedding day! After enough one-off creations for friends and family, I decided to start making more and offering them to anyone who wants to showcase their most precious possessions – and not feel bad about taking off their ring to do the dishes. I sincerely hope your Marbella Dish will bring you (and your treasures) as much joy as mine have brought me!

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