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Life Set Sail at Bethesda Terrace

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail:
Before we left for New York, Justine pulled some photo inspiration for our shoots and one of those must shoot locations was here…Bethesda Terrace! I couldn’t even believe that something like this existed under a bridge in the middle of Central Park, and even though we couldn’t have asked for a more miserable day, I’m so glad we made it happen.
I saved this dress for somewhere special and I think the venue suits it perfectly! Bethesda terrace was actually a site for an outdoor restaurant toward the end of the 1960’s and with the revival of sixties and seventies fashion these last couple of years I feel like it was really the perfect match.
I’m not joking when I said it was a miserable day…It’s was pouring buckets outside and we tromped through many puddles to get where we were going. Our feet were soaked through our boots (very poor choice of footwear on both our parts) and we were both shaking uncontrollably in the cold. In fact, if you look closely enough you can see all of the goosebumps on my skin!
It’s almost comical what will we do for the sake of a few photos…maybe I’ll start making a list of all of the really ridiculous instances and put them together in a blog post for you to have a good laugh at. I mean, I can laugh now, but some were borderline traumatic at the time.
Have you ever visited Bethesda Terrace in New York? If you have photos I’d love to see them! And because I’ve already gotten a lot of inquires about this dress I’m going to tell you right now, you can pick it up from For Love & Lemons (our local Adorn Boutique sells them). I love the Rhea choker from CoutuKitsch paired with it and simple rings and earrings from Hart + Stone (two of my very favourite (and local!) jewellery retailers.

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  1. Beautiful how you work with the natural light!

  2. Beautiful how you work with the natural light!

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