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Burberry Runway ’16 With Life Set Sail

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Beauty Blogger: Life Set Sail

A few words from Brittany: The Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base comes in two different shades, which may not seem like a lot but are both very versatile and meant to work with every skin tone. It’s to be used as you would a moisturizer…warm up between the hands and apply with fingertips all over the face, neck, shoulders, or really wherever you want a bit of healthy glow. You can back in with extra product to give some extra highlight to specific points (cupids bow, cheekbones etc.). Take it one step further and apply to lids mixed with the Wet & Silk Eyeshadow and you’re left with a healthy dose of colour that blends perfectly with the rest of your look. For us paler girls, the darker shade can be used to add a sun-kissed glow to the skin.

While we’re on the topic of complexion, let me introduce you to the Runway PaletteNow I’m not exactly sure why Burberry calls these palettes as there is only one shade, but I’ll let it slide. Regardless the name, just look at that product! If you love a good highlight and are a sucker for gorgeous packaging, well then add this one to your beauty wish list! Shades available include White Gold and Nude Gold and are meant to add a subtle highlight, the perfect tool for the runway-inspired strobing technique. Though I really love every piece mentioned here, this is the one product that I am totally and completely obsessed with.

If, like me, you love convenience, the Eye Colour Contour is a product that you are sure to love! I am a huge fan of eyeshadow pens, especially ones as creamy as these! Simply glide along the lid and blend with fingertip or brush. The range features seven nude shades (three matte and four pearl finishes) that are crease-free and waterproof. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect Spring/Summer product, I don’t know what does! Pictured above is the shade Pale Copper.

Looking to add a pop of colour to your look? Recently added to the Lip Velvet Lipsticks is the shade Oxblood which is the quintessential Burberry shade and the perfect topper to your healthy, glowing complexion! I am such a huge fan of this shade, which is so flattering in every way.

Lastly I wanted to touch on a new nude nail polish obsession, the shade Stone a subtle and flattering shade inspired by the iconic Burberry trench coat. I can definitely see myself wearing this shade on repeat (confession, its been weeks since I’ve worn anything else) and love that it gives a finished and effortlessly chic vibe without being in your face. It’s these types of nude shades that I find so flattering, because they really elongate the hands.

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