Real Wedding

Winter Shawnessy Barn Calgary Wedding

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Venue: Shawnessy Barn | Hair & Makeup: The Pretty Haus

A few words from Whitney about her and Mark: 

It was March and Mark really wanted to go on a hike.. Crazy right? I thought so too but he seemed so excited about it I said “why not!”. So we parked at the trailhead the night before and spent the night sleeping in his truck. We woke up the next morning to pouring rain. Shortly after our tailgate breakfast we started our ascent. As we climbed the rain turned to sleet, which then turned to snow. It was so bad at points that you had to swing from tree to tree due to the ice. lol. When we got to the top Mark suggested we walk around the lake that was at the top of the hike. We sunk deeper in the snow with each step we took around the lake, to the point where the snow was up to my knees. 

*One thing I forgot to mention is that Mark was much slower than me on the hike (this is not typical) and that I caught him talking to himself several times as we hiked.

We decided that the snow was far too deep to continue around the lack so we decided to head back from where we came. Just as we were about to start climbing down the mountain Mark asked if I had to go to the bathroom. I said I was fine. He asked me again.. and again I said I was fine. He said “well I’m going to go then”. Mark disappeared into the bushes and shortly after I heard him yell “come look at this rock!”I’ve gotten use to this phrase, as Mark is a stone mason and loves to marvel at new finds. I made my way through the snow and he handed me a snow covered rock. I turned it over in my hand (honestly it was not that spectacular to me) and when I was done asked if I could throw it back into the snow. “Well at least read it before you do”, he said.  “Read what?” I thought in my head, you don’t read rocks. Mark brushed the snow off the rock and there engraved in the face of the rock was “will you marry me?” (AH HA!!! It was also starting to come together in my head; the reason why he was slower (he had a huge rock in his backpack) why he kept stalling (he had forgotten what he was going to say). 

Before I had finished processing what was happening  Mark was down in the snow on one knee. Just as he started to propose I shifted my weight and without warning sunk in the snow so that we ended up nose to nose. Which is rather suiting because our whole philosophy is that we are a team, so how suiting that we should be nose to nose, eye to eye TOGETHER when we make our team “official”. 

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