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Travel Buddies with Life Set Sail

You can see Brittany’s original post here.
A few words from Brittany about our trip:
On Instagram, everyone knows @miltonphoto as the one who takes all of my beautiful blog photos, but in real life no one seems to recognize her (classic photographer problems, always behind the lens)…Justine is not only my photographer but one of my best friends, and this year I’ve been trying to get her on the other side of the camera now and then. Someone once said to me (regarding Instagram) that they loved my content but it needed “less me, more we” and it stuck. Because life isn’t just about ourselves, but the people in it that make it great! Now that’s something I want to share. As much as I love posting photos of myself (I say somewhat sarcastically), the photos that give me all the feels are the ones that include my loved ones!

That being said, it is definitely hard capturing more than one person when travelling…I can totally see why big bloggers employee teams of people to go places with them. That’s literally what it takes. These photos would not have been possible if Justine’s husband wasn’t with us – and no we don’t trust strangers with our cameras.

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