Engagement Session

Spring Engagement Session

Scans by: Alpine Film Lab

A few words from the couple: So Matt and I met 3 years ago here in Edmonton. We are both Cape Bretoners and from a very small town (3000 people). Our families were friends and knew of each other but I had never met him growing up! We met out in Edmonton through mutual friends on April fools day and realized we were from the same small town. We started hanging out and sharing our love for the rink (him a hockey player and me a competitive figure skater) and the rest is history! July 2012 he told me he loved me at the Calgary stampede and this past December he asked me to marry him. December 24th we were getting ready to go to our families Christmas party (his Xmas party was at his aunts, mine was at my uncles and they live next door to each other) he thought what better chance to ask me when both families were so close and both celebrating Christmas. He picked me up at my house and said he forgot his cousins gift so needed to go back to his house to pick it up. We went to his house to get the gift and I wanted to wait in the car! Matt persisted I come into the house and “help him with the gift” so I went inside with him, he came upstairs with his cousins gift and I was waiting at the door to get going. Matt called me over to the Christmas tree and said he thought there was an early gift under the tree for me, I for sure thought I was getting a gift and he pointed to a branch where my ring was laying. He grabbed it and got down on one knee saying “Brianna Lorraine MacLachlan will you marry me?” I was in shock but of course said yes!!

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