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Spotlight: Eliza Faulkner With Life Set Sail

A few words from Brittany: Through the past couple of years I’ve spent blogging and documenting my outfits, I’ve been introduced to some pretty amazing Canadian talent on the designer scene. I’ve written a little bit about them here and there, but I really feel the pull to place more attention on these talented individuals here on LSS. So without further ado, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to Eliza Faulkner
I first discovered Eliza through a local fashion show we hold here in Calgary called PARK, her bold floral prints and unique silhouettes stood out to me immediately…I think maybe since my mom went to design school, it made me really appreciate what Eliza was doing. Her seams and pleats were (and are still) absolutely swoon-worthy.
So you can imagine my delight to take her Nora dress with me to New York in January. There’s something about it that makes me feel like a modern day (way cooler) Cinderella.

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