Engagement Session

Early Morning Mountain Engagement Session

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Hair and Make up: SimplyMe | Dress (white): Zara
Dress (pink): Rockstar Singapore | Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo | Shoes (tan derby): Opus Two
Shoes (brown loafers): H by Hudson

Love story

It was an unlikely romance. We first met at an internship about six years ago. We quickly grew close because we held many common values and interests. But soon after, I set off to the UK to pursue my undergraduate studies, while he remained in Singapore to pursue his.

We kept in touch occasionally during the three years apart, but we were never really in each others lives. It didn’t help that there was little overlap in our social circles.

Fast forward three years later, we reconnected when David asked me out to catch up after I returned to Singapore. Before long, “catch up” sessions became dinner dates, and occasional texting grew to hour long phone calls about anything and everything. It was the simple things in life – the conversations, the being there for each other, the resolve to serve one another above ourself – that grew our relationship to what we have today. Two years into our relationship, he proposed, and I gladly accepted to walk this journey of life together with him.

Why Banff?

David and I are similar in that we love to travel and immerse ourselves in other cultures. However, we differ on our ideal vacation. David loves the cities – the bright lights, the energy, the dynamism. I on the other hand, prefer the countryside – the nature, the serenity, the rest.

Banff represented for us the ‘countryside’ element in our relationship. We wanted a location that could capture nature in its full glory – from the stillness of the lakes, to the craggy mountain ranges. When we heard that David’s family was planning a trip up to Calgary to attend a wedding, we knew we had to take our engagement shots in Banff. 

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