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Sand Dunes With Life Set Sail

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger: Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail
Jeans: Salt Shop | Bra: Victorias Secret

A few words from Brittany Messner about creativity: Back when I was all about beauty blogging I would often feel so trapped in the routine of it all – product reviews, monthly favourites, how-tos and so on. True, it was doing really well, but I very quickly became bored of it. My passions don’t lie on what I put on my face, but in exploring new places with cool people and creating inspiring imagery through that. I do not strive for complacency, I do not want routine, I want to be excited about what I’m doing and stretch myself creatively in as many ways as possible.

Justine has been so great in helping me experiment with the photos we take, using different film, trying new things, even if certain things don’t work out to be exactly the way we want them, it’s a growing experience and one that I enjoy more than I could even try to express.

The thing I love most about trying new things is the stories and memories that come along with them…for instance, I look at these photos and can’t help but laugh because I was literally running back and fourth for about 15 minutes so we could catch every last second of sunset all while trying to avoid repeat prints in the sand. Do you know how hard that is!? Especially when laying down, everything had to be so specific, it was absolutely ridiculous!

We were really excited to shoot at the Imperial Sand Dunes in Yuma…so much so that we drove 3 hours just for sunset. I can’t even believe how many photos we took, this is just a fraction! I don’t know you guys, I’m thinking another trip down south is needed sooner than later, there are just way too many places that need to be explored!

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you are finding yourself unfulfilled by the work you’re currently doing (whatever it might be), change something! Try new things, even if they make you feel scared or uncomfortable, surround yourself with people who encourage you to pursue the things you want and don’t settle for anything less.

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