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A few words from Brittany: Up until the last five years I’ve always lived by the beach and even now (with zero beaches around), I always find myself drawn to the water, really any body of water. It makes me happy, it feels like home, heck even just get me in a bath and I’m content. But let me tell you about this beach in particular…

San Onofre State beach is located just a few miles south out of San Clemente, my hometown. If you’re the odd man out and haven’t heard of San Onofre, it is leased to the Sate of California by the US Marine Corps (Camp Pendleton is located nearby) and is a world-famous surf destination (Trestles).

That evening at San Onofre was a chilly one, the water freezing and air so brisk…but the sound of the ocean, the salt in my hair and the last light of day…well nothing sounds more perfect to me.

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