Scans by: Alpine Film Lab

While I was attending WPPI: Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, a large photography conference in Las Vegas at the end of February this year I made some plans to hang out with a few friends I had met while at the Jose Villa Workshop. Much to my surprise, at this dinner I went to, I met some super fun girls and we spent most of that night quoting Gilmore Girls back and forth to each other. They were telling me all about this amazing thing they are going to called Field Trip. They were driving from Vegas to Santa Barbara for this event right after WPPI. They kept going on and on about how amazing and fun this event is, and they kind of invited me/told me I should go to it. So I checked it out, emailed the people, then bought a ticket for it off this guy named Nick. I called West Jet, changed my flight to a week later and to fly out of LA, tracked down these girls on the last day of the conference to secure a ride up to Santa Barbara with them, and thus began my journey to Field trip. The next morning I meet them out front of the MGM, a small silver BMW pulls up, four girls get out. I roll up with my giant suitcase, and two giant camera bags, we all just stand and stare at the car, and the luggage. About forty-five minutes later once we’ve figured out how to cram all of our luggage and the five of us in the car, we start our journey. The goal was to hit a bunch of the national parks and see some amazing landscapes. These are just a few of the images I captured along that journey.

A HUGE thanks to Cassi ClaireAmy EmilyMikkel Paige & Chelsea Brown for taking me with you in that tiny car & sharing the hotel room in Santa Barbara and all the other fun yet really inconvenient things that came along with having a fifth person, it was seriously one of the best times!

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