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Bayan & Sareesa’s Oasis Center Wedding

Scans by: PhotoVision Prints | Venue: The Oasis Centre | DJ: DJ Johnny Mazeeka | Groom’s Hair by: Sasan Razaey
Bride’s Hair by: Gigi Durgac | Suit from: Harry Rosen | Tailored by: Haseeb Zia | Flowers & Decor by: Grand Design

From the Groom: We had decided to keep a low budget, small attendance wedding, but our culture kind of demands for more than that. We decided to go with an teal/blue theme as a representation of the beach and where we really would rather be than awkwardly walking in front of 350+ people. The wedding took place September 13th, 2014 at the Oasis Centre. Both my now wife and I decided we wanted to plan everything in secrecy, besides showing some minor details to everyone. The only thing everyone knew was the venue. The morning entailed us both being at our own homes and getting ready for the big day. Sareesa woke up bright and early, around 8am to get her make-up, hair, and everything else she needed finished. I however, slept until about 11am until all my closest friends arrived to dress me from my socks to my bow tie. The most memorable part of the wedding for Sareesa and I, definitely had to be around the end of the night with the fireworks the Oasis centre had provided. DJ Johnny announced a surprise for the guests attending, and we took them to the back garden. Without letting them know what happened, the Oasis centre lit-up the sky for us. It definitely was the cherry on the top of our wedding.

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