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Life Set Sail Palm Springs

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail: Are you afraid of heights? There used to be a time when they didn’t phase me, but apparently I’ve turned into a huge scaredy-cat because these days they…well, kind of terrify me. But here’s the thing, even if me and heights don’t get along all that well, they are always, always worth the view!
Case in point, the view overlooking Palm Springs, seriously amazing! When we were invited to take the Aerial Tramway we jumped at the opportunity…because when you take as many photos as we do, well, you don’t pass these things up!
It’s funny when you’re up that high (over 8,000 feet), and the temperature suddenly drops a good 3o degrees…I think Justine and I would both agree that it was a pleasant break from the scorching 45 degrees down below! Now that I look back on it, we should have planned an overnight camping trip (which you totally can do, by the way).
I think the queasy stomach was totally worth these views, don’t you? I loved channeling my inner Indiana Jones for this shoot, thanks to Adorn Boutique for styling me in this gorgeous Cupcakes & Cashmere trench and Fallen Broken Street hat. If you live in YYC you definitely need to take a peek at their shop in Inglewood, it’s perfect!

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