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Boudoir at The Parker

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger: Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail
Hotel: Le Meridien The Parker Palm Springs | Lingerie: Fortnight Label

A few words from Brittany about this shoot: I’ve had a few people comment lately on how often I’m running around in my skivvies lately on Instagram, and not in a negative way, just that they’ve noticed…they typically want to talk about how I can be so comfortable being exposed like that, so naturally I thought that it might be an interesting topic to chat about here.

First off, there is absolutely no part of me that is craving attention from baring some skin. I simply create what inspires me hoping that it might inspire you as well! I am a visual person, I like making things beautiful and if I think something will make a great photo you can bet I’m going to do it! So when I’m pinning photos or (more likely) losing myself in the black hole of visual inspiration that is Instagram I take note of the things I like…why I like them, what about these images is inspiring to me and so on. The truth is, I really love photos of people most of all.

So what advice can I give someone who is feeling insecure about their body being photographed? Get over yourself. Everyone has their own list of what they consider to be flaws, I like to call them characteristics personally. If you want to do something literally just do it, but make sure you work with someone you trust and can be comfortable with (very important). Even if you’re not slapping your face all over the internet, it is a pretty cool way to see yourself in a different light.

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