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Kohler Charles at Cru Juice

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A few words from them about the juice cleanse: 

Cru Juice is a Calgary-based cold-pressed juicer with four locations around town, and multiple other retailers who carry their mix of greens, almond-based and infused water drinks and juices. They work closely with a Nutritionist to curate a 6-bottle daily cleanse (ranging in difficulty from easy to deep dive!) which for me was the perfect gift to give my wife this year. Also, it is much easier to go on a cleanse when your partner is also doing it!

While the juices are delicious, organic and hand crafted, I have to admit, the first day I felt slightly light-headed on just liquid fuel with no real food. But waking up the next day, the energy and motivation I felt could not be ignored! I couldn’t wait to open up my next bottle of Cru and keep going. This was the perfect kick-start to get my wife and I in the direction of eating good, clean food again, and we loved using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to give each other the gift of health, wellness, and a clean body!

See their original post here.

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