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How to Make Your Travel Photos Pop with Mobile Phone Presets

Moraine lake fine art film travel photograpahy

Travel photography is all about capturing the beauty and essence of a place. But sometimes,
the photos we take on our mobile phones don’t quite do justice to the stunning landscapes and
scenery we see compared on our phone screens. That’s where mobile phone presets come in. In this post,
we’ll show you how to use presets to enhance your travel photos and make them pop.

Choose the right presets

With on the go travel photography, there are quite a few presets available to help you
enhance your photos. Some popular presets for travel photography help to capture the
landscapes, nature, and architecture of your destination. Look for presets that complement the type of photos you typically take when you travel.

Use the Justine Milton Mobile Preset Pack to take your travel photography to the next level.

Adjust your settings

Before applying presets to your travel photos, make sure that your camera
settings are optimized for the conditions you’re shooting in. You’ll want to adjust your exposure, white
balance, and ISO to make sure you’re capturing the scene as accurately as possible.

Apply the presets

Once you’ve selected the presets you want to use, it’s very easy to edit your photos to get the vibe you’re after. There are a variety of apps used to apply presets to your mobile phone photos,
such as Lightroom Mobile or VSCO Cam. The Justine Milton Mobile Preset Pack uses Lightroom Mobile, which is available for iPhone and Andriod. All you need to do is import your photo into the app, select the preset you want to use, and adjust the settings as needed.

Fine-tune the edits

Presets can be a great starting point for editing your travel photos, especially if you want to create a consisteny in your overall aesthetics. However, you will still want to make some adjustments to ensure each photo is perfectly adjusted to get the best possible image. Take the time to fine-tune your edits to
make sure that they complement each specific photo you’re working on. Start by adjusting the exposure,
contrast, and saturation to make sure your photo is balanced and visually appealing.

Share your photos

Once you’ve edited your travel photos using presets, it’s time to share them with the world.
Post them on social media, create a travel blog, or even print them out to have on display! Photos capture the vibes and feels of a place, as well as show off your specific eye. Play around with your composition, look for something out of the ordinary, or snap an image of a place you really loved so that any time you see the picture, you’re immediatly brought back to that moment in time.

Mobile phone presets can be a powerful tool for enhancing your travel photos
and making them pop. By choosing the right presets, adjusting your settings, and fine-tuning
your edits, you’ll be able to create stunning photos that capture the beauty and essence of the places
you visit. So go ahead and experiment with different presets, try out different settings, and
share your photos with the world. Happy travels!

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