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Scans By: Photovision Prints | Jeans: Paradise Mine | T-Shirt: Babaton | Jacket: Anneke Forbes
Sunglasses: Finlay & Co | Heels: Aldo | Fashion & Beauty Blogger: Life Set Sail

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail: First up is probably my most worn denim, cropped ankle jeans, which are quite honestly a godsend for us shorter gals. A good pair of jeans will keep you warm as the weather starts to cool down, but this particular cut is a bit more breezy for days when you don’t know what to expect. My favourite pair are Paradise Mine from Aritzia…which, admittedly, haven’t been washed since I bought them (I wont tell you how long ago that was).

Next up we have a great pair of sunglasses. You may think, Brittany that’s a strange transitional piece, but when you live somewhere like Calgary where it’s sunny all year round you actually end up wearing your shades everyday. I once heard that sunglasses are the best thing you can do for your eyes and whether or not that’s true, I feel I’d have to agree. I hate forgetting them at home and on days when I do I am left squinting in the sun trying to go about my day with eyes half shut! The pair I’m wearing above are the Pembroke style from Finlay & Co which have a clip-on gold mirror lens that you can wear with or without. A girls gotta love her options!

Lastly I had to share this gorgeous leather jacket from local designer and bestie Anneke Forbes. A great transitional jacket is a must for Fall and an item as classic as a black leather jacket will always be easy to style. I wore this particular jacket (actually the whole outfit) as a part of the Women’s Outerwear Basics for Breakfast Television a couple weeks back. As Anneke mentioned in the segment, a leather jacket instantly turns any look edgier and I could not agree more. As someone who typically dresses quite feminine, I love the badass vibe a leather jacket brings to the table. Tres chic!

See Brittany’s original post here.

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