Maybe you’re new to flash, maybe you’re new to just taking the flash off the camera and trying to figure out this whole OCF thing! If you have no clue where to start, I’ve got the perfect course that will walk you through every single step of using your flash and getting amazing results!

The image above, was shot in a completely pitch black tent, at like 11pm at night, using off camera flash!

Below is one of the few OCF set ups I use for things like sparkler exits and sometimes the first dance! I like to call it “Sun on a stick”. I always find the idea of having the sun on a stick that you can move around the room to put anywhere you want to be the easiest way to explain flash. It also seems far less daunting that way! Think about how easy your life would be if you could control the sun at every shoot you were at and put it in the exact position you wanted to shoot with!

OCF set ups - phone guide.jpg

On here I’ve even added what diffusers I would use on those flashes, they would be fired direct at the subject and probably start around 1/32 of a power- but that totally depends on how bright where you’re shooting is and everything!

If you want to learn more about flash and OCF, check out The Kick Ass Flash Course!


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