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While we were in Europe, I wanted to see something different, as nice as France, London and Italy are, I wanted to experience something else. I really wanted to go to a number of other places, but Alan, being the worrier that he is, vetoed them all due to “dangerous circumstances” or something. So the farthest east place I could get him to go was Budapest. & boy is he glad he went, it was our favourite place by far! I had no doubts it would be my fave! It was interesting and unique and cheap, which was probably the best part! We stayed in an amazing little apartment just a block away from the New York Cafe. We fell for the tourist trap of the hop on hop off busses, it seemed like a good idea. on a map Budapest looks huge, in reality, its not that big. We took the bus once, and then, honestly, they wouldn’t let me on with ice cream so we walked every where else. We saw some churches, some stunning churches that were actually different than the usual western Europe ones, very elaborate, but to the point of it being almost gaudy, same with the New York Cafe, very pretty but almost overwhelming on the eyes. the outside of the churches was the most spectacular, the multi colored tile work was phenomenal. The Parliament building was a sight to be reckoned with, its apparently one of the largest Parliament buildings in all of Europe, or so they tell you. Either way, its gorgeous! And the copper roofs & detailing on the building is incredible, and how well they maintain it, when you look out over the city, most have oxidized and are green, but the Parliament building ones look brand new. We continued along our self guided walking tours of everything thought the week, but by far my favorite part of the whole trip was the Funicular on Castle Hill. Not just because I saw that movie Grand Budapest Hotel and they had one which was ridiculously cool, but it was so much better in person. Its an elevator that goes side ways, maybe this is only exciting for me, but we watched it for a solid half hour or more, it was awesome! Our last night there we tried almost every flavor of this Hungarian alcohol, Pálinka, it was esophagus burning kind of alcohol, but it came in these pretty little shot glasses! The fancy raspberry flavored one was the best!

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