Engagement Session

Brooklyn Engagement Session

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Design & Styling: The Well Styled Life | Suits: Zara

A few words from Dominic & Nick: We’ve know each other since I was 14 and Dominic was 16. But we didn’t start dating until 2010 right before I went away to college. We reconnected via Facebook and then hung out during a trip I took with a friend to visit Orlando, where Dominic was attending undergraduate school at the time. We spent the rest of the summer hanging out and rekindling our friendship before he finally asked me out.

A couple weeks ago, I went to visit Dominic in London where he was studying abroad. The day after I arrived he said he had a surprise scheduled. We went in to the city and he said unfortunately the surprised had gotten postponed until later in the evening but we could sight-see instead. Then we ventured over to Parliament Square so I could take a selfie in front of Big Ben. That’s when Dominic noticed a caricature artist seated by the Winston Churchill statue drawing another couple and suggested we have him draw us a portrait. We’ve done several over the years at theme parks so they are pretty special to our relationship. After the artist finished drawing us he walked over to the middle of the square to get a better view of Big Ben, which I assumed would be in the background of the drawing. After a few minutes he called us over (Dominic stopped to answer a phone call) and asked if I was ready to see the drawing so I said yes. He turned it around and the drawing said “Will you marry me?” and depicted Dominic on one knee in front of Big Ben with a ring box! I turned around and the exact scene was being mirrored in real life! A photographer had been stealthy documenting the entire proposal unfold. Of course I said yes!

Although we attended different universities Dominic and I both became members of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, in the spring of 2011. The founders of our beloved fraternity are affectionately know as “The Brooklyn Four” because back in 1905 they would walk from NYU across the Brooklyn Bridge to their homes. Now as Brooklynites ourselves the Brooklyn Bridge has extra significance for us.

This July (17th) will be our six year anniversary and we could not be happier to be planning our wedding for next summer! 

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  1. haskell_dennis@yahoo.com says:

    Congratulations To A Beautiful Couple God Bless You Both.

  2. haskell_dennis@yahoo.com says:

    Congratulations To A Beautiful Couple God Bless You Both.

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