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Art Gallery of Alberta Wedding

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta

A few words from Elle about her and Kevin & their fabulous AGA wedding: My husband and I met when our mutual friend Sarah and Kevin worked together at a bookstore. She had a crush on him and introduced him as “that cute guy who watched Doctor Who, was from Thailand and looked kiiiinda like Joseph Gordon Levitt if you tilted your head”. So obviously, I had to meet him. We went out for drinks with a few friends. For him, he says it was instantaneous. I made fun of his Blackberry—because honestly, who has a Blackberry in 2013?—and he was charmed by my sass. For me, I knew he was the one for me when we were talking about “Cool Bills” over brunch with friends. They said “Bill Nye”, I said “Bill Murray” and he said “Buffalo Bill”. We’re meant to be.

When we got married after being engaged for a year, we were actually officially married at the Sugar Bowl at 9 am in the morning. It was an awesome ceremony with only 8 of our closest friends and a delicious breakfast that followed. Our “fake” ceremony for family and friends was at the Art Gallery of Alberta which was hosted by one of my dearest friends, Ella. She wrote a beautiful ceremony that spoke to us as a couple in all the ways only a close friend could say. It was definitely the highlight of the day for us.

We chose earthy colours for our décor, bridesmaids and groomsmen like greens, browns, natural woods and live plants because we love that it reminds us of the many road trips we’ve gone on in the springs and summers and spending time together in the garden. We chose to showcase angles, geometry and metallic in our décor as well as a call back to our love of design (Art and Design for me, Technical side with Architecture for Kevin). Our invites and activities for our guests all featured different art-gallery centric motifs to tie it back to the venue and the impact of art and design on our lives—I am a professional artist and Kevin is finishing school for Architecture. I think the best part of all of the effort that went into the designs were seeing the activity books in action—our guests drew gorgeous and hilarious pictures!  

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