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A few words from Brittany of Life Set Sail: I’ll tell you guys, I’ve got some really talented friends out there! One of my absolute favourite things about blogging is that I get to introduce all of you to the wonderful brands I love…what’s more is that the ladies mentioned in todays post are all personal friends of mine, which just makes it that much more special.

Let’s start with Anneke Forbes, designer behind this amazing green moto jacket. Anneke has been a dear friend of mine for a few years now, she was one of the first bloggers I ever met in Calgary and watching her quit her day job to pursue her passion is something that I have to commend her for (anyone who has ever tried working for themselves, you know it’s anything but easy)…It’s not often you find someone that hand makes clothing either…and I mean “hand-make”, not just embellish. This girl oozes talent – I wish I could show you in person her attention to detail, there is obviously a lot of care that goes into her pieces. Her work does come with a hefty price tag but these are pieces made to last and I for one cannot wait to own one of Anneke’s pieces myself one day – maybe even this very jacket!

Next up we have Alanda of Leo Lebel (red clutch). I went to high school with Alanda and absolutely love what she has been doing with her handmade leather goods the past couple of years. I love that everything started for her when she inherited an industrial sewing machine from her mother and that Leo Lebel was created through her experimentations. Alanda’s bags are not only beautifully designed with a West Coast style but durable and practical as well. Fashion plus function is not always something you get these days so I’m glad someone’s paying attention to providing the consumer with both!

Lastly I wanted to reintroduce you to Hart + Stone. I already own several of Emily’s pieces so I think it goes without saying that I am a huge fan! Emily’s jewellery is made with either 14k gold filled, 10k or 14k solid gold or sterling silver, which I absolutely love because that means they’ll last for ages (and I like to wear my jewellery every single day). Her minimalist approach to jewellery makes it super simple in integrate pieces into any outfit, for something a bit bolder I recommend the Wild Rose rings (you can actually choose your own stone shape too, so much fun)!

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