What’s Included


What all is included for your hard earned money?

Some videos will be slideshow + voice overs, some will be talking directly to you and showing you things + THE BEST VIDEOS will be me shooting and adjusting my lights for the different events at a reception! I’ll walk you though why and what I’m doing and you’ll see photo examples and settings along the way!

For anything you might want to reference back to, you will be able to download PDF guides that break it all down! Including some quick-reference diagram set ups with photo examples! That way if you’re desperate at a wedding, save it your phone and use it when you’re setting up your lights!

And to cover all the learning styles, a fill in the blank workbook that walks you through all the course material to help it really sink in!

& of course access to a private FB group with myself, and other students from this course to discuss + ask questions!