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Life Set Sail: Sheer Trends

Scans By: Photo Vision Prints | Fashion & Beauty Blogger Brittany Messner: Life Set Sail

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A few words from Brittany on “How To Wear The Sheer Trend This Fall” One of this seasons hottest trends is sheer clothing, which I’ll admit, seems a little cruel to me. In a place where Fall literally means that it could snow any day now, why on earth would I want to run around in anything but chunky knits and layers? It all comes down to this…fashion. There’s just something about a hint of flesh peeking out through beautiful, sheer fabrics that makes my heart swoon.

Take for example the outfit I’m wearing, which just so happened to be on the first day of Fall. I am head over heels for this gorgeous, seventies-inspired blouse from Gentle Fawn. As luck would have it, it was actually a pretty beautiful day when Justine and I took these photos, so the amount of suffering was zero. I think sheer fabrics like these are so flattering and love that the can be worn in a variety of ways. If you’re not into baring that much skin you can slip on a crop top underneath or a high-wasited skirt/pant to allow for bit more modesty. As we get deeper into the Winter months you can bet I wont be giving this piece up, I’ll just layer it under chunky knits and scarves!

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