Lifestyle Session Process – Calgary Newborn Photographer


 Lifestyle Session Process

  1. Want your session to represent you as a family?

2. We will choose an approximate date for your session so I can book it off in my calendar.
At the beginning of that month we will choose an exact date! (or for newborn, once the baby arrives)
Then send over your payment to confirm your booking!

3. I will send you a questionnaire so we can plan out your session to get the best moments!
I will send you a thoughtfully curated welcome guide with some tips and info to make your life easier. As a client of mine, your wardrobe is already taken care of. Don’t stress about coordinating outfits, accessories, and baby bonnets–my carefully selected client wardrobe takes the guesswork out of dressing to impress for your session




4. Let’s shoot! It’s time to have fun and make memories in front of the camera. I will likely chase your toddler around the house, spin them around, play hide and seek, negotiate with them, and by the end when I leave they will ask you “where did my friend go?” By meeting your kiddos where they’re at, the greatest (and most authentic) photos will be made. I will snuggle, rock and soothe your baby while you change and do what you gotta do. I will swaddle them, help get them dressed, and get them camera-ready (wherever that may be today). I’ll probably tell your baby I love them (I’m sure its not just me that tells every newborn they meet they love them!). I’ll let your toddler push buttons to make lights flash, and above all, we will have SO much fun. In the end, you’ll get the most meaningful kind of artwork that’s “hang on the wall” worthy or “frame it” worthy!


pink wall collage with logo.jpg


5. Within 2-4 weeks your gallery will be delivered to your inbox. Your photos will be ready to print, post to Instagram, and send to grandma. From your gallery you can download your photos, purchase digital images, prints, albums.

6. In no time, you’ll hire me again because you loved your first photos so much. And I know you need some new art work and zazz in your life! But more than anything, that itty bitty little baby has grown to be big and fun so full of personality. You know you need photos of those sweet baby rolls. We have a photo of our sons naked butt hanging on our bathroom wall. The thigh rolls are everything!