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Life Set Sail at The Met

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail: Museums are interesting places…think about all of the people who’s lives are contained within the same walls, their history laid out for all to see and dissect. Now think about just one person, yourself even, and how much has happened in your short life. We all have history lying within us, history we can no longer touch but lives on forever in our memories.
Do you ever think of these things? About how you are such a small fraction of the world? How can one person with so many thoughts and feelings be so insignificant? We think we are the world, that the things going on in our lives are important, but really there are millions just like us. Does that make us less valid? Of course not, but it is a bit overwhelming to think about!
I want to make my life a work of art. I’ve always felt that way; to make things beautiful, to inspire others to follow whatever it is that makes their hearts sing, to love unconditionally, to embrace all chapters of life, to learn, to create…these are the things I live for. I hope that one day what I do encourages someone to embrace their full potential, to not settle for what is popular, but for what makes them whole.

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