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I flew into Dublin, Ireland because the only place you can rent a car in Ireland being under 25 is from Dublin, so I arrived, got my car, figured out how to drive on the wrong side of the road. Wont lie, it took me a while to figure that one out, bumped a few curbs. Then headed down south towards Kenmare! I was so excited to finally be in Ireland! It was amazing! Just as green & just as many sheep as I had imagined! The farther south I got, the less green I started to see, I was a little confused I just imagined the whole country to be nothing but fields. I met up with Kristine & her bridesmaids in the town of Kenmare, and they were going to show me the way out to Mac’s parents place. Now, his parents place is out in the “country” where it is, is where google maps street view ends. One thing to note about Ireland, the main roads, are normal, the “country” roads are incredibly narrow, and some of them I wouldn’t even call a road, but more a goat trail. Anyways, we head out, and its just mountains, and Atlantic Ocean, and sheep, and brown mountains and at one point we are driving through these mountains and I’m like where are we even going, it looks like the road goes straight into a mountain and there is no civilization as far as the eye can see. Eventually we get to the goat trail, road, sorry, and ther are blind corners and hills galore, I should also mention the Irish drive these roads at 80 km/h+ I’m back there scared to death driving like 50. Anyways, this goat trail is lined with the cutest little houses and cottages, and you drive this winding road and over a small bridge over part of the Atlantic Ocean, and a few minutes up the road is Mac’s parents place. If you’ve ever been to Ireland you will know this, but every time someone says to me “oh Canadian are so friendly” I kindly reply with “then you’ve never met and Irishmen.” The Irish are literally all the most friendly people I have ever met in my entire life! Mac’s parents couldn’t have been more welcoming and friendly! & all of their friends that we met over the course of the next few days were just the kindest people! It truly was an amazing blessing to feel so welcomed!

A few days after being in Ireland, I picked up Alan at the Shannon Airport! & after the amazing time we had at the wedding, we travelled back north, making our way back to Dublin. We drove the ring of Kerry, stopped in Tralee to visit some friends. We stopped in Limerick, which we thought was a lovely place, although everyone kept referring to it as “Stab City”, we saw the Cliffs of Moher, some amazing landscapes, more sheep, we visited Killarney National Park quite a few times, I think I drove that road so many times I could probably do it in my sleep! And then we visited Galway before heading to Dublin!

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