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Iceland Elopement

Scans by: PhotoVision Prints | Dress from: Novelle Bridal Shop | Hair & Makeup by: Sandra Maria
Couple: Hallvarður Jes Gíslason & Kimberly Kathleen

On my recent trip to Europe I had a stop over in Iceland, and rather than do the usual touristy things like Blue Lagoon, I decided I simply had to photograph something while I was there! Kimberly was nice enough to help me set this all up & I am so so thrilled with how it turned out! From looking at these you would never know how my day had gone prior to the session! I leave Edmonton, try to check in with Iceland air, my suitcase is overweight, sort that out, leave a bunch of stuff behind, then my carry ons (which are my camera gear and film) are over weight, I refuse to take anything out, we eventually come to an agreement on me bringing them on with me. I get on the plane and we leave around 6pm. My plan was to sleep since I would be arriving at like 7am. I didn’t sleep. I arrive in Iceland, wait in a line to clear security to leave the airport, then the rental car shuttle never shows up to get me. Find a new way to the rental car facility. Once outside, realize my two pairs of pants, socks and about five sweaters is no where near enough clothing to be wearing today. Get my rental car and start driving towards Reykjavik to meet up with the lovely couple! It was a long day! But once we started shooting my, oh my, it was awesome. I should also mention it was cold, ridiculously cold, and so windy, like I could hardly open the car door, hair blowing straight out sideways, wind burn, kind of windy. Kimberly was incredibly brave and complained far less than I did about the weather!

And a fun little tid bit from Kimberly: The pictures are beautiful, we love them! The way the train of that dress flows is so magical!  I love the flowiness of it! Halli also wanted me to let you know he got the girl…  We have been dating since the shoot! Anyway, we recently traveled the ring road to go to some go camping at a music festival, and on the way back we even stopped by Seljalandsfoss again for another selfie.

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