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Old Fashioned Drink Recipe

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Styling and Planning By: Julianne Young Weddings
Location: Pearl & Dot | Bartenders and Mixologists: Sugar Water

For the man in your life or for those who simply prefer to sip slowly on a smooth and warming cocktail, the gentlemen at the trendy and always hip SugarWater (a portable cocktail bar made up cutting edge mixologists) came up with the perfect winter twist on the classic Old Fashioned. 

Following these easy steps and by introducing a mulled wine to add that cozy winter feel, you can create the ultimate warming holiday cocktail for your next holiday celebration:

Step 1: Create a Mulled Wine Syrup by making mulled wine from the recipe of your choice and put aside your preferred amount, for every 1 Litre, add 1 cup of sugar and stir until sugar is fully dissolved. Bottle or put into a container and refrigerate.

Step 2: Pour 2oz of Bourbon and half ounce of Mulled Wine Syrup into a mixing glass, add ice and stir well until well chilled. Taste and modify as desired.

Step 3: Once the desired taste is achieved, strain into tumbler/rocks glass, add ice, and garnish with orange twist expressing orange oils over the drink.

Step 4: To add the holiday effect and a bit of added interest,  play with the garnishing and add brandied cherry or a sprig of rosemary for taste and aroma.

Serve and enjoy a truly special beverage with loved ones.

Ingredient List:

Ingredients: A good Bourbon, Mulled Wine (use your own personal recipe or our favourite –, and sugar.

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