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3 Ways To Style A Lob With Life Set Sail

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Brittany recently got a bit of a hair makeover from local stylist Vanessa K of Hedkandi salon. After a couple weeks of playing around with her shorter locks, she thought it was about time to share her favourite styles with you!

Beachy Waves
Prep damp hair with a primer, comb it through, and then work in some thickening mousse before round brushing your hair dry. It’s not necessary to use the round brush technique if your hair is naturally straight or wavy, but for us unruly curly girls, well, we just have to work a little harder! Then use a one inch iron to create loose curls before shaking them out. The best guide I’ve found to show the technique I use is here, but the main thing is to make sure to leave the tail end of your strands out of the iron, untouched. Make sure to use a texturing sprayto finish. If you need some extra hold, feel free to use a little hairspray!

Hipster Bun
Using the beachy waves style as a starting point, section the top half of your hair from ear to ear, twist into a bun and pin. This style also looks great with a loop bun secured with a hair elastic, but maybe a little too sumo wrestler for my tastes. Soften up the look by pulling out some loose strands around your ears and finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Romantic Chignon
First twist the hair on one side of your head toward the back, grabbing more sections of hair from underneath on each twist. Secure at the back of your head with a bobby pin then do the same to the other side. To finish, take all the hair still left loose in the back, twist it into a bun and pin. Tip: if you tilt your head back when twisting the first sections you’ll get some nice volume in the back of your head, no need for backcombing! This is my absolute favourite updo and takes me about 2 minutes and 3-4 bobby pins to create.

See Brittany’s original post here.

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